TELE-EDUCATION:Online Learning Made Easy

“Unlock the power of online education with our video conferencing platform. Experience live, interactive classes from the comfort of your own home.Experience Virtual Learning with Racchabanda Video Conferencing and achieve your academic goals.”

Brings Together

With the rise of technology and the internet,tele-education has become increasingly popular as a way to access education from anywhere,at any time,encouraging collaboration between students and teachers.In turn, this could make students more motivated and engaged in their learning experience.

Visual Collaboration
Get Each Meeting Engaging
Racchabanda has a patented feature “Open Tables”, which allows for a Teaching assistant to attend to a particular student’s needs while also not removing the student from the classroom.
Perform Scalability

Seamless Alliance

Combines all part of the functionalities of multiple applications into one conversational platform, Clarification done in breeze and it will enrich the user experience.

Limitless Scalability
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