Integrates with your existing care model

Racchabanda can be easily integrated into your existing care model and customized to fit your needs with zero added complexity.

Building a video conference solution from scratch

The integration allows businesses to leverage functionality for improved productivity. Building a video conference solution from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming after all. And it does not end here, there is an added layer of operational complexity.

Focusing on developing your solution from the initial stage, may keep you distracted from your core business competency, thereby affecting your regular business goals and operations. Plus, you may end up with an app that “kills” your business as it costs twice its value, or you may have an app that barely satisfies your requirements because it does not have the features you need.

We promise you that we take out all this pain involved, and we only give you the good stuff. Rachabanda is the right solution for your business if you are ready to move beyond traditional video conferencing into reliable high-impact solutions. Also, did we mention that by integrating Racchanada you get the benefit of branding and complete customization of the look and feel of the solution? You can personalize your waiting room with your image or logo so clients can rest assured they are in the correct location.

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