Securing the future of

Racchabanda is a solution for businesses that take their data
security seriously.

Future Telemedicine

The solution helps you keep your patient data and communications safe and secure. More than just a “camera on” virtual care: All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and none of your information is stored. We adhere to HIPAA and GDPR data privacy requirements.

It is crucial to understand that every video conferencing call creates data. If you are recording audio, video, and chat sessions, all of the data is in the hands of the provider. But even when you are not recording meetings, metadata is still created. For any business, especially Telehealth, that adheres to strict HIPAA guidelines protecting email addresses, IP addresses, or company information is necessary.

Racchabanda is a solution that is secure from the start because we DO NOT STORE YOUR DATA. Patients and healthcare providers can utilize the benefits of HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to receive healthcare consultations, and doctors can consult with specialists without sacrificing security.

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