Simplified Experience

Racchabanda changed online meetings forever by killing the need for downloads, installations, or
pins, making it simple for people to join.

Next-Gen Telehealth

In Telehealth, the experience is both seamless and intuitive for patients and providers. No app download, setup, or user login is required to join a session. Patients can join a session from their browsers with a single click. This feature is especially helpful for elderly patients who may feel overwhelmed with the need to log in for a meeting. Racchabanda lets you create a custom link for your meeting, which is a useful feature if you are inviting people outside your organization.

Rather than downloading and installing a video conferencing app, you can increase your security by using Racchabanda to access your meeting. This is because modern video conferencing solutions like Racchabanda are built in a way that makes video conferencing more secure as it operates within the restricted environment of your browser sandbox.

This means you no longer have to deal with any apps that require a download and might have security issues but can also enjoy the benefit of saving your time, effort, and data in addition to making the experience simple for everyone. Also, our interactive whiteboarding and extensive chat features allow collaboration in innovative ways. We are telling you it is a win-win!

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