Who we Are

Racchabanda offers the next generation of video conferencing solutions for
telemedicine assisting busy health care providers. The platform allows patients to get
help through their computers, tablets or smartphones. It allows doctors to perform
routine checkups with patients anywhere and anytime using real-time video

About Racchabanda

Racchabanda Video Conferencing is a leading communication technology company headquarters in HQ: San Diego, CA 92130, USA, formed in 2019 by founder Shree Mandadi as one of the leading communication firms in the world.

It is a cloud-based software platform for video conferencing that enables real-time communication among team members. This peer-to-peer software platform was developed to enable organizations to securely connect up to all members of their workforce, enabling users to participate in telehealth conferences, telemedicine, education, and social interactions. There are a variety of business customers using Racchabanda, including small, medium, and large firms, as well as government agencies.

We have primacy customers like Teqnobot, Incubation Ventures, RATE, Burning Plates, and Vimarza from the United States, London and Melbourne.

Our Inspiring story

Racchabanda evokes our nostalgic aspects of meeting in the middle of a village. Here people would gather after a long day to exchange tall tales, resolve conflicts, and share gossip.

The concept emerged across various cultures and has also been used during the freedom movements, in which people used to meet at a common location, usually a temple, tree, rock, sculpture, or other feature at hand. The most popular meeting place was under a large tree with a platform.

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